What is RoVE?

RoVE is the new government instituted Reform of Vocational Education.

As part of RoVE, the role of supporting workplace-based learning is shifting from Transitional Industry Training Organisations (TITOs) to other providers, e.g. Te Pūkenga, private training establishments (PTEs) like Ignite Colleges, and wānanga.

RoVE is about creating a strong, unified, sustainable, vocational education system that is fit for the future of work, delivering the skills that learners, employers and communities need to thrive.

In 2019, the Government instituted RoVE. As part of the seven key changes RoVE will deliver, Industry Training Organisation (ITO) functions will be transferred to a range of education providers by December 2022 – Ignite Colleges is one of the Receiving Organisations through RoVE that will be Arranging Training functions for learners transitioning from the Skills Organisation.

Three talented Ignite Colleges students have made their mark on the national stage, each bringing home a medal from the prestigious 2017 NZ Hospitality Championships.

The annual event is a calendar highlight for chefs and hospitality professionals keen to achieve recognition, and pit their skills against industry peers, through a diverse line-up of back and front-of- house competitions. Run in association with NZChefs, this year’s event was held at the ASB Showgrounds from July 27 to 30, and for Ignite Colleges students Grace Moretti, Cloe Waller and Karlene Ngarouro, it was the perfect chance to put their newly-learned hospitality skills to the test.

Grace Moretti was delighted to be awarded a silver medal in the Classic Cocktails section.

“I’m so glad I competed. It has given me a lot more confidence behind the bar,” she said.

Grace was neck and neck with classmate Cloe Waller who also earned silver for cocktails, and has now set her sights on the 2018 NZ Hospitality Championships.

“I feel that going through this experience has boosted my confidence and I am very proud of my achievement. I would hands down do it again next year,” said Cloe.

Grace and Cloe may have been shaking things up behind the bar – but for Karlene, it was all about the coffee. She competed in the high-pressure barista competition, earning a bronze medal for her efforts.

“When I found out I’d won a medal I was really surprised because it’s the first competition I’ve ever entered. I felt proud that I had the confidence to do it, and that I was successful,” Karlene said.

Ignite Colleges is a newcomer to the much-anticipated event, so to bring home three medals was a particularly impressive achievement. General Manager Jasbir Kaur was extremely proud of the students’ efforts, and is looking forward to more Ignite students participating – and bringing home medals – next year.

“The fact that all three Ignite students who competed came away with medals is a credit to the top- quality tuition we offer, and the tenacity of those students,” said Jasbir. “This is the first time Ignite Colleges has entered this distinguished competition – but it definitely won’t be the last!”