New Zealand Certificate in Contact Centres Level 3

30 weeks
Level 3
65 credits

Partner with Skills Ignite: Lift customer engagement and improve business performance

Partner with Skills Ignite to integrate work-based qualification programs into your contact centre operations. These programs are designed to enhance staff competencies, providing them with the skills needed to excel in their roles and adapt to evolving customer needs. By investing in your team’s development, you create strong career pathways that not only increase job satisfaction but also serve as a magnet for top talent. The result? A noticeable boost in both staff attraction and retention

About the qualification

The New Zealand Certificate in Contact Centres (Level 3) is suitable for those who are new or more experienced contact centre agents. The purpose of the qualification is to provide the contact centre industry with individuals who have the technical and soft skills to process and respond to business-as-usual enquiries and complex customer enquiries in contact centres.

Our  programme is designed to consolidate the training that you are doing in your workplace. Throughout the learning subjects are workplace activities that provide opportunities to refresh and contextualise the subject matter to your organisation’s processes and practices.

The programme offers flexible learning options to help your team achieve a qualification, with online learning and assessment modules designed specifically for those working in contact centres. Learners access the online learning platform from the office or home, and work through modules in a way that suits them.


Benefits to your organisation

Enhanced staff retention: Investing in your employees’ professional development demonstrates your commitment to their growth, resulting in improved retention rates.

Improved customer engagement: Upskill your staff with our Contact Centre qualifications to achieve improved customer engagement and deliver exceptional service.

Comprehensive understanding of teams: Our qualifications enable managers to identify the skills of individual team members, empowering them to provide tailored support.

Valued employees: Through the organisations investment in their training, learners feel valued and recognized for their contribution.

Increased confidence: Our training boosts learners’ confidence in their skills and abilities, enhancing their effectiveness in their roles.

Expanded skills and knowledge: Our qualifications provide learners with new skills and knowledge that enhance their professional capabilities.

The New Zealand Certificate in Contact Centres offers a pathway for your employees to advance to other qualifications and roles within your organisation.

What will I learn?
The NZ Certificate in Contact Centres (Level 3) covers the core skills required to work effectively in a contact centre including communication techniques, technical skills, and information gathering. The programme is broken down into three modules;

Module 1:

  • Mental Health and wellbeing
  • Health and safety
  • Building effective relationships

Module 2:

  • Technology, systems and equipment
  • Product and service knowledge
  • Legislation

Module 3:

  • Quality framework
  • Your role as CSR
  • Communicate with customers and resolve enquiries

Graduates of this qualification will be able to:

  • Deliver positive customer interactions using effective communication skills and system navigation for the benefit of the customer and organisation.
  • Effectively utilize business systems and contact centre technology to achieve organizational and individual objectives
  • Effectively self-manage emotional and mental wellbeing, maintain a positive attitude and behaviour, to thrive in a workplace environment
  • Provide customised customer solutions by applying industry-specific knowledge to products or services
  • Comply with workplace health and safety, organizational policies, and relevant legislation in a contact centre environment

Step 1: One of our Skills Business Advisors/Partners will work with you to understand the needs of your team. We will provide a Statement of Work for you to sign and Training Agreements for your employees to complete and return.

Step 2: Our Delivery Lead will be in touch to onboard your employees into the programme. The onboarding will cover how to use the online learning platforms and who to go to for assistance.

Step 3: Complete online modules with support of Skills Ignite's assessors

The learner will be supported by a Skills Ignite assessor throughout the programme.

You will have a Delivery Lead assigned to you. The Delivery Lead will support with any information you require on your people's progress.