International FAQs

Moving overseas to study is a big decision and no doubt you have a lot of questions.

Our International FAQs section is designed to simplify this transition, offering clear answers and practical guidance for your most pressing queries. We hope to answer some of them here, but if you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



How do I apply?

Applying to study with us is simple. Just complete and sign the International Student Enrolment Form and return it to [email protected] along with a copy of your passport, IELTS certification (or equivalent), and academic transcripts.


When should I apply?

Studying overseas takes a lot of planning and organisation, so to avoid any delays, the sooner you start the process the better. You’ll need to arrange your finances and apply for your Student Visa. For more information on Visas please visit the Immigration New Zealand website. Ignite Colleges will let you know within two working days if you’ve been accepted into our programme or we will be in touch if we need further information.


Can I transfer credits from previous study into a programme at Ignite Colleges?

Yes, you may be eligible to transfer credits from previous study if you’ve already passed papers directly relating to the programme you want to study. To apply for a credit transfer, you’ll need to submit certified copies of academic records with an official description for each course that you’re applying for (including learning outcomes).


When do I have to pay my tuition fees by?

Fees need to be paid in full for a year of study prior to enrolment.


Can I work while I study?

Immigration New Zealand will set the conditions of your Student Visa. To find out more check out the following links:


How do I apply for a Student Visa?

You can find out information about the Visa process on the Immigration New Zealand website:

Alternatively, you can ask an immigration advisor to help you. We can send you the names of some immigration advisors we work with.


How can I get to my accommodation from the airport?

We can pick you up (fee applies). Alternatively, you can take a bus, taxi or airport shuttle from the airport. For more information about these services, check out the following links:


Will I need a New Zealand bank account?

Your life in New Zealand will be much easier to manage if you have a local bank account – and if you’re planning on working here, it is essential for having your wages paid into. We can help you open a New Zealand bank account during your first week at Ignite Colleges.


What sort of clothing will I need?

At College

We’ll provide you with uniforms for your practical classes, however you’ll need to wear a white shirt and black pants for your theory classes.

Footwear requirements differ depending on the programme you’re enrolled in. If you’re studying cookery, you’ll need non-slip black shoes with steel toes, but if you’re enrolled in any of our other programmes you’ll just need formal black shoes.

General Clothing

Winter in Auckland (June to September) can be a bit chilly, with temperatures ranging between 10.1 – 16ºC. At this time of the year you’re likely to need two layers of clothing (including woollens) plus winter hats and jackets. For the rest of the year the temperature ranges between 16-24ºC, and one layer of clothing should be plenty.


Can you help me to find somewhere to live?

Absolutely! We can help you arrange hotel, hostel or private accommodation. If you’re looking for a flat to rent, take a look at the following websites:
If you want to fully experience life in New Zealand, living with a Kiwi homestay family is a great option. To find out more about homestay accommodation visit:


How are my fees protected?

Fees paid by students are banked directly into a trust account with Public Trust.


What if my flight details change?

If your flight changes, it’s important that you tell us immediately, either through your educational consultant or by emailing us at [email protected].


How do I pay my fees?

Once you receive a Conditional Offer of Place and invoice from us, you can pay your fees. The bank account details will be included on the invoice.


Do I have to have medical insurance?

Yes, and this will be included in your first year’s tuition fee.


What are the living costs in New Zealand?

To find out how much things cost in Auckland, visit the websites of our most popular supermarkets:
Other living costs include:

Service Price
Takeaway meal – Chinese / Indian from Food Court $10 – $25 per person
Takeaway meal – fast food burgers etc. $10 – $20 per person
Café breakfast – muffin / coffee $7 – $10 per person
Laundromat – wash and dry (20 minutes) $8 – $10

We also have a fantastic café at Ignite Colleges called ‘Study Break’. It’s a popular place to socialise with other students and enjoy great food and coffee at subsidised prices.


Other useful websites and links

New Zealand Immigration –

Citizens Advice Bureau (general advice on many topics and a Justice of the Peace service to attest and verify documents) –

Rental Contracts (procedure, rights and obligations) –

Youth Law (free answers to legal questions) –

Ministry of Health (public healthcare facilities) –